Ahad, 28 Jun 2015


hi ! its been months since the last time i wrote something here.
and here i am..as a semester 5's student.honestly though,
nothing have changed much.pretty much same like previous semesters
i am still sharifah syahira.the one who's always deep thinker,sensitive,emotional and worries and think too much.

semester 5.
there are a lots of project that i need to think about.
there are no times to be like a kid like before.
i am just hoping,i can do my best no matter how hard it will going to be.
if i am willing to do my best.i know at least i can achieve it

i am twenty.i need to open the new book.i need to change to become more mature and know how to handle things like an adults.

although sometimes,i cant help but feel a bit lonely,

but that's sharifah syahira. a girl who is loner.thats how i am.and i know nothing can change me.