Khamis, 16 Mac 2017

2017-The new Me

 its been awhile to write down something here.
When i read back what i wrote back then,I started wonder is that girl is  me ?
So here is me,few years later..
older and not yet matured,same as before.

I am 22 year old now and I started this blog since very long long time ago.
maybe around high school era. 

There are a lot of stories I need to speak out.
Its just I dont have much time to really write down everything..

I swear, I gonna really start write down something here,maybe more oftenly ?
Maybe its been awhile,its just hard for me to be someone like i was used to be like before.

Ahad, 19 Julai 2015


Is him going to love me forever?
I do started to love him
But honestly i am scared
If one day comes a day when i will lose him
I honestly dont know when
But i really do started to love him