Ahad, 8 Mac 2015

human being

its maybe an habit of me,oftenly to be overthinking and overanalising about something
if only I use this habis of mine for the good uses like maybe when studying hehe

few days ago,Ive been thinking all over again.
u know,when i am thinking over something emotionally and sensitively,
it really give a great impact throughout all the day.

is it just me or everyone else also have a moments when they started to thinking back what they had done and instantly feel regret for whatever decisions they came with.
I am honestly though,
I am not really expert to express how I am feel nor know how to came up a good explanation towards other.Most of the times,when people took my action or what i said wrongly and misunderstood the way how I was behaved,surely upseting feels make a way all over me but sometimes,i have an urge to not explaning everything  and just out all the feels.