Sabtu, 28 Disember 2013

honest talk

can i say this.
honestly,ive been missing him a lot.
can i say this sincerely,
i like him the best.
can i say this honestly,
but whats the point of loving him if he doesnt even love me back ?
can i say this truthly,
how to forget him ? why i keep loving him ? 
can i say this lastly,
i know,he will never know about my feeling.he will never realise my feelings towards him .he will never know that ive been loving him for the first time that he spoke to me ? 
but why i am stupidly,
been loving him when in fact,i know at the end,
my feeling is only one-sided love..
and now,
i cant even saw him anymore..
and i am so lonely without my source of inspiration.
whenever i saw him,without anyone noticed,
i regain energy to keep my motivation.
and because of him,
i started my mission imposible that i want to make it possible..