Sabtu, 12 Oktober 2013

ive something that i want to say it today..
actually,i dont know where the right place and to who that i can let it out all what i felt.
its been a while since my feeling to him has been started.
i just dont know what should i do to handle my heart.
i simply love him the best but knowing that its just me who have one-sided love to him.
i feel the urge to cry.
i know the best that i can do is never dream something that hard to achieve if i didnt want to regret.
sometimes,i feel like a stupid..
but for me,just looking at him from a far,its enough for me.
i'll never ask more than that.\
just saw how cheerful and happy he was,already make me happy as well..
and because of him as the one of the main reason,i try so hard into something that i am projecting now.
i cant say what kind of thing that i am working hard now,but if not because of him as one of my source of inspiration..maybe now i already give up........