Ahad, 6 Oktober 2013

sad emotion

i am sad.extremely sad.i got blamed for something that i didnt even do that
nobody gonna believe me.in this time,i can see those people who are trust me and those arent
i really feel lonely.i want someone to understand my feeling like how i try to understand them.
sometimes,i had times when i feel mad and hurt.but people easily to misunderstood me.i am just human being.please let me to have all the feelings. i feel hurt.i know actually nobody really like me.they just be nice and friends with while in fact.they really havent any intention to friend with me.thats why its hard for me to become friendly with friends.some may thought that im arrogant.its just im scared if i give them completely of me.i will get hurt.im not that strong.i am sensitive person but its hard to see me cry infront of othersi will try to keep calm but there were times when the urge to cry is hard to resists make me cry infront others.
i think i keep to care bout others' feeling but they will never get any idea how hurt i am
 when they make fun of me.
i didnt ask more.i just want someone,to love me sincerely to always there to me when im sad or happy.i dont think that im greedy its just i want to feel how its feel to be loved by someone.love is general.i just didnt mean
bf,but i want a friend like that too.honestly.