Khamis, 6 Jun 2013


its been awhile since the last time that i wrote something at here. Honestly,i dont have nothing interesting to wrote in this blog back then.. but suddenly,when i am laying in my bed thinking about many possibilities,i just realise that i need to write something to clear all the negatives vibes in my mind. actually,i never expected that i will got offer to futher study via upu.. bcuz i knew then.there are alot of students who are smarter than me. and actually last monday,my parents and me already tour all around ipoh to find college which suit with me.firstly,we went to kptm,after my parents discussed all the details with the staffs,i was just sit blankly in the corner,then we went to itp..the place that i want i have feel that i want to study at there..then,switced to cosmopoint collge *not sure their college spelling* lastly,we went to TEC that time already lunch time,so my father suggested that we just lunched at their the car,i kept thinking which want that i want to study and which path that i need to take..honestly,my father want TEC college..but my mind already set up with i choosed itp.. then we went there to register my name and filled up all the documents,at that time honesly the last day to register..and new students already had their DAY 1 oritansi..kak erma,itp's staff said its ok if me skip day 1 program,i can go for tomorrow orintasi program..we took long time to finished all the procedure at the itp.. then after that,my father went to car shop..hmmm i hear my parents want to buy a car for my brother =='i just stayed in the car and listened the music from my phone..lazy to busybody about that..that day,the weather was very hot ! i dont know how long that i slept,when i wake up,my parents still not done with it yet.. =,= then,we went to my sister's office to took her home..we stopped at the mall to brought some clothes for far,i got 5 t-shirt,4 pants and 1 jeans.. ok..i skipped all the unimportant things... in the night.. when i just wake up from usual..i watched it some korean/japan stuffs..then suddenly i had urge to check it my upu..honestly i said..when all the students goes excited at that day the upu result out..i dont even know about that hahaha i was so really late..just my sis and my mom checked it for me..i dont even know bout that..then,i google it,put my ic first,for universities,i failed to entered it at any of that..then i went to second choose..for politeknik..i was so shocked to see that i got accepted in diploma in information technology (programming) in politeknik balik pulau,penang... to be continuee..