since i was started in form 5..there alot of changes that i been a long to time since the last time i was doing that..really..its feel weird..i was started to know about blogging since i was form 1..early form that was really excited..want to exploring all in and so on..and then it continue until i was in form 4...but when i was started form,i think...i really dont care about blogging anymore..the one that once been my favourite hobby back was never touch or reading novel what i was used to like before...arghh..its feel like..yeah..form 5...everything need to one that i will never leave it is twitter,fb,kpop and kdramas...but now...i dont always watching new kdramas..only rewatching the old one..

oke..dah la tu berspeaking2 nie..grammar pun sgt xde idea..
actually...byk yg kite nie nak ceritakan apa yg berlaku dlm hidup kite..tapi x tau nak start dri mana..
baru je kan last week kite cite pasal bestfriend gaduh tapi dah baik tapi x seperti dulu..
maybe kite dilahirkan sbg orang yg sgt sensitif..dan si dia tu adalah seorang yg jenis emmm...kdg2 terlalu jujur ckp saja apa yg nk...kite xtau napa kite sensitif sgt..smpai skng kite rasa awkwarddddd sgt nak cam dulu...adoyaiiiiii....kite un xtau knp ngan kite....kite nak kite yg dulu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lg satu,,oke skang...serioussss kite dah lupa nak edit guna photoshop............
nak hamppir setahun tak pegang...waaaaaaa!!!!