Ahad, 8 Mac 2015

not as great as others

good morning.as soon as I woke up earlier this morning,I just opened up the blog and tada ! yeay.more upgraded ! totally brand new theme.u know,its not often of me got the mood to do that.haha. also blogwalking to other blog as well,look around here and there and saw a lot of blogger nowadays take an order for editing the blog..so impressive,at the same time, can get the pocket money too.few days ago,i got a lot of question all over again,asking me how to edit their blog.some of my friend totally have no idea how to editing their blog.u know,since it need to be done as our politeknik required us their industrial training's student to make a blog instead of usual last report using the microsft word.maybe i am a bit luckier since I am a blogger and got few basic about the blog,but not all people same right?its fine though since they needed help from me and i dont think i need to ask for the money since i helped them sincerely.maybe they should feel a bit appreciate though instead of complaining and whining all over again.ok enough of that topic.

actually,I think right now,its the right time for me to start practicing of my english.u know,I am not that fluent and good in english but at least I want to start to write more in english since it will help improving my grammar skills.the main reason is simple.since right now,i am working as practical student and not as a student,my english skills becomes more limited.i try my best to speak and write more often in english though.u know,if i am not keep practising like this,I am sure the time i am back to be a student,my mind will totally blank since i am a person who easily forgetting. so keep bear with me if my grammar and english writing skills are not as good as others.I have a dream.after a lot of thinking,i am consider furthering study in degree level.of couse after i am finishing my diploma first.since to futher study in degree level required student to get a muet,so i should work hard from now on.aja aja fighting !!!