Sabtu, 1 Februari 2014


You're cute .
I really love this lyrics.
Maybe its an old song but the way its lyrics written make the song more sweeter..
I dont know why..
My heart is all confusing.
Ive been missing someone a lot..
U know when u are missing someone and there were a lot something weird happened..its happened to me today.
All the day my mind its full with thoughts of him and what is more weirder is what ive been doing today ends up to be worst.
Even my sis said it, I was weird today..
Why u sudden came into my life make me all confusing.i am really scared..u is someone who I should not put my feeling at all..I know.i am misunderstood with the way u treated me.but for the first time, Ive been treated like that with someone different gender.even my own brother does not care about me at all.but u.u gave me a lot of motivation and positive words.even I am not someone who is pretty, smart and famous.but u came talk with me. U took what thing that ive been dream to do with someone I admired friend once said just take it easy.i really dont understand .maybe people said I am act like innocent and fake but I saw a lot of couples who kept changing their partner.from my point of view.i just dont understand it.u kept said all the lovely words when u love someone but how can u easily forget someone that u once love and talk bad about them ..for me,love is something pure that u need to keep it dear in can we play around with love?..they said just take it easy  but its hard because for me love is serious matter.i take it really seriously..for me once i am in relationship, I want to really do my best as much as i can to please and make someone that i love happy.i dont want to see him in sad emotion.its ok if only me who hurt but its not gonna be happen anyone put him in hurt state.most of girls want their partner to protect them but i am willing to protect him as long as he can be happy bcuz when he is happy, I can feel his happiness too.i did not want it in short term relationship but i want it long term relationship.the relationship that i want that put me in hubungan yg halal dan sah.the one who always beside me no matter what happen until I die.cinta yg suci duniawi dan akhirat.
its hard to believe right i am such a deep thinker of person,yes i am.eventhough i am look like i am not put attention but i really listen it all..even sometimes,its hard for me to forget especially when someone said something touched me..I really love this quotes by seohyun..i am like her.cant differentiate between like and love
  • “L I K E… is like a bunch of dandelion seeds falling beautifully on the ground. It’s a soft and good feeling but can come and go at any time…” - Seohyun
  • “L O V E… is when those same dandelion seeds become firmly rooted sowing its seeds and growing another dandelion on the spot. It takes a lot of energy to grow the dandelion like protecting it from the wind and giving it water and sunlight but it becomes very precious and beautiful in the end…” - Seohyun
but I am scared..I am really scared now.i dont know since when this feelings is started..u is really someone I should not put hopes high.i know u just treat me like a little sister right.i know who I am.can I said I am extremely scared with my own feelings..why I always been like this.always with one sided love story.its annoying me much more because its gonna be hard because its hurt so deeply.why I am easily falling in love with someone but at the end its me who will but hurt.honestly speak, I never have any experience in love.what I mean, I never been in, I seriously have no idea what should I do..its always me who love someone just from a far.i never have any courage with love.i have a lot of weakness which make me never have any confident..I am weak with someone that taken care of me..because its always my dream to have someone that take care of me.someone that I can be myself infront of him.someone that I can tell and share about everything bcuz not everything u can share with family and friends.someone that accept just the way I am without look at my appearance  which is my complex..I really look at character and personality more than appearance.for me, it does not matter if he have money or not.he's handsome or not.its really does not matter ! The important is he someone that can make me happy with the way he is..but back to the real story.i know I am just can keep dream on..its never gonna be reality.sya u need to accept the fact that nobody gonna be falling in love with u.its hard to accept the reality.but I need to accept the real reality..but what should I do now? Lately, ive been thinking of him..a lot :-( but whats the point of remember him if he does not even remember me at all..I know my love story gonna be sad ending at the end.i am prepare for it.its hard and hurt but I am used with it already..crying alone which is already part of me..sya..its ok u still have Allah, families and friends in your side..