Ahad, 12 Julai 2015


I used to think the way he suddenly barged into my life something like a repetition day of life.
I used to think the way i shared a sense of thoughts kind of similar the way i used to be
But now,his presence really exist in my life
I never expect he can easily got  the permission to easily enter the already messy of my life.
But sometimes,i did wonder,does he really sincere with all the talked he said.
Is he being so real?
Why he's like too sudden to confessed his heart out without even meet me?
Does he done it to make me as a joke or he's serious about the matter?
He never meet me why so confident to confessed how his heart was.
Does he really sincere about that?or he just play a nice role?
I am getting all confused here.
How could he said that with knowing how I am in real life although we never meet up together
With how my appearance and physical of body.
Does he really been truth with what he said?
I am getting confused here.
He really took an effort to show how he want to know me.
At the first,i felt uncomfortable with how easy going he was because its remind me to someone.
And the most awkward moments where for the second time,i talked a lot of personal stories of my life to someone named as guy.I used to be like that to someone as well,but for this time,
I can be myself.completely myself without control the way i behaved.
Its hard for me to be like that to someone especially to a guy.for me,they are just friends.i never even to talked personal stories to them.
But how could i even revealed alot of stories to a guy i dont even know or meet.
Thats completely weird
Its hard for me to be like that especially to a stranger
Slowly,i realised he changed me.
I dont know in which part
But some part of mine are completely like a brand new one.
Why he makes a lot effort for a girl like me who never have any special characteristics nor the perfect face and physical appearance?
I am getting all confused again.
A creepy day,is a day when he finally know the real facts of mine.
How i am not meet his expectation
I could not say i already love him
But i do start to care about him and wonder how is he doing.and its already too much to me because thats the start of it.
And i am getting scared for the future because i am easily fall with someone who care about me,who is always listening my problem,who is always give me an advice /motivation and always be patient with me.
The conclusion is simple,i am scared
I could experience again the second time of broken heart and depression.