Isnin, 17 Februari 2014

Real face

Why it hurts so deeply.
Am I someone that so unimportant.
Nobody actually cares about me.
I am feel so lonely.
I can see that I am just such a useless as a daughter and as a person.
Its hurts me deeply when I was sick, the person who I love the most not there with me.
But I need to bear it all alone.
I am also have no luck with love.
The me who still not giving up yet still wonder me why I am such a stupid person who keep loving me someone who does not think and love me at all.
I know.i need to be grateful that I got friends who are there for me when I am in trouble.
But I cant help  to feel that its a different feelings.
I am such a troublemarker person who always troubling others.
I feel guilty, sorry and thankful.
Really.thats how I am feel right now.
I dont know how I could I reply back all of their kindness.
I am such a hopeless person.
I am such a useless person.
I really have nothing better to proud off.
The real that people always have positive vibe is someone that really have nothing special.
I am fat.really the point nobody will falling in love with me.i will forever with my one sided love stories.whenever I love someone its always end up me who the only one have the feeling like that.
Its really hurts so heart feel like a glass that broke into pieces.
I am not a type of girl.
I am straight the point my friend said I am too slow.
Actually.there are a lot the weakness inside me.
I really have nothing special.
Nothing interesting.
People always told me that nobody perfect.
And yes.i am one the person in "nobody perfect" categories.